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Let's improve the work life balance!

  • 2020


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We are a highly motivated and very well trained team of four founders. In addition to the existing long-standing professional and private ties, we are interdisciplinary. Our team has proven professional experience in the following areas Marketing, IT/Operations, IT Development (Front to Back, Security), Digital Business Models, CH Insurance. We have successfully worked together in other interdisciplinary projects (e.g. with CH banks, CH insurance companies and CH startups).

To the team

Our vision

The vision of timewise is to enable people to shape their professional and private lives in a self-determined way and to support them in their plans with stability and security.

  • Better compatibility of work and family

  • Closing the gap in the pensions market

  • Needs-based

Our commitment

A solution which enables employers and employees to plan and implement career breaks and part-time work reductions in a simple way and to improve the compatibility between professional and working life in the long term.

  • Periodic professional time off

  • Full financial security

  • Added value for employees and employers