Professional time-outs quickly and easily introduced

timewise is an innovative & digital solution with which companies can quickly and easily offer professional timeouts for their employees.

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Unique saving model

No other provider in Switzerland offers a similar product like timewise. It is unique. You can save using one or multiples of the following elements:


Overtime hours are transferred via the current hourly wage rate.

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The employee decides which percentage of the monthly salary is used to save for the professional time-out. This amount is deducted from the monthly salary and accumulated to the savings used for the professional time-out.

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The employee decides the amount of supplementary holidays, which should be saved for the professional timeout. These holidays are transferred by the current salary to the respective savings account.

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Additional direct payments by the employer e.g. bonus can as well be transfered to the savings account.

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The BenefitsThe Benefits

Makes employers more attractive and employees happier

timewise creates a WIN WIN situation for the employer and employee.

The employee substantially increases the companies attractivness on the recruitment market. While making a difference for talents looking for a new role, the employee will beenfit due to lower fluctuation costs as timewise creates a positive towards the existent staff. Due to this the staff turnover is going to be reduced.

Attractive employer

Based on the introduction of a flexible work time model, professionals are attracted and employees retained.

No provisions

Provisions due to overtime and not consumed holidays are netted off the balance sheet and equity ratio is therefore improved.

Relieves workload

The introduction and administration of timewise via the web portal ensures no extra effort.

Flexible timeouts

Recurring professional time-outs, for e.g. trainings, family time, paternity leave, travelling, part-time reduction for a fixed period of time and early retirement.

Financial security

Despite the professional timeout an employee continues to receive his/her full income. Moreover the permanent employment is kept an no gap within social security is being risked.

Simple savings plan

The calculation of the required savings and the ideal savings plan are digital and simple.

Our software solution Our software solution

Modern Portal

The timewise portal is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It is an intuitive and modern tool to administrate employees and their individual professional timeouts.

  • Swiss made
  • Fast
  • Cloud based
  • Secure
  • Simple
  • Ultra-modern

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