Vera Kubitz


Vera Kubitz

Co-Founder & CEO

⚔️ Battle Name:

Doer with heart ❤️

🤙🏼 Specialist for:

Product Development

🤓 I love product development because…

so i can make the world a little bit better every time 🌎

📚 Education and work experience:

  • Nursery Kindergarten
  • Study of politics and administrative sciences
  • Personal assistance
  • Dipl. economist
  • CAS Project Management
  • Product- and projectmangement

🦉 Why timewise is so good…

With timewise we sustainably improve the working and living conditions and create solutions that increase the compatibility of private and professional life.

timewise is the solution for modern lifestyles, which creates time for fullfilling dreams and the really important things in life. We make companies more attractive, employees happier and administration digital and easy.

✈️ In a professional Timeout I would…

Learning spanish, a family👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 -travel through Latin America, train for a marathon (and win), inspire other women for innovation and entrepreneurship… uff don't get me started.

👦 👧 This is what the Team says about Vera:

The Cola Zero loving night Owl with drive and persistence.