Michel Kern


Michel Kern

Co-Founder & Software Engineer

⚔️ Battle Name:

The creative mind

🤙🏼 Specialist for:


🤓 I'm an engineer because:

I can truly say that I love what I'm doing. My aim is to create the best and most fluent user experience possible while using cutting edge technology. As developers we avoid doing things more than once, so I try to automate and to write reusable code wherever possible. Clean and tested code is a must.

📚 Education:

  • Application Engineering, Federal Diploma of vocational education and training at UBS
  • BASc in IT @ ZHAW

🦉 Why timewise is so good…

timewise enables the dialog between employees willing to take a professional timeout and their companies. I am deeply convinced that we will create a lasting effect on the corporate culture.

The technical solution is based on the latest technology stack and that's awesome!🎉

✈️ In a professional Timeout I would..

Once Corona times are over, I would like to complete further studies abroad in Ireland🇮🇪. In the meantime I enjoy various kind of sports 🏋️‍♂️🤸🧗‍♂️ and reading tonnes of books 📖.

👦 👧 This is what the team says about Michel:

Has a strong eye for certain details. He is (almost) always the first in the office. He is coding like hell and enjoys solving creative knots 🤷‍♂️.