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Fabian Camenzind

Co-Founder & Software Engineer

⚔️ Battle Name:

The Architect

🤙🏼 Specialist for:

Cloud Native Services

🤓 I'm an engineer because:

I love to work in a constantly changing environment. The thrill of creating new things out of nothing and observing the ever-growing possibilities around me is just amazing.

📚 Education:

  • Application Engineering, Federal diploma of vocational education and training at Siemens
  • BASc in IT @ ZHAW

🦉 Why timewise is so good…

Working from a young age to 64/65 years old doesn't fit the current spirit of the time. Life and work should not be mutually exclusive. To achive this timewise is the solution. Many can not sustain multiple months without salary, and are therefore not able to enjoy a professional timeout. timewise solves this problem and creates a new kind of luxury for employees of a company.

✈️ In a professional Timeout I would..

Go back to Canada🇨🇦. My motorcycle, camera and paraglider with me I'd enjoy freedom in the rockies.

👦 👧 This is what the Team says about Fabian:

Enthusiastic Cloud-Expert and Architect. Is very seldom the first in the office and has a weird looking keyboard on his desk🤷‍♂️.